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What is a pod?

Engagement groups increase the reach of your posts

"A pod, or "engagement group", is a group of people who organize themselves, automatically or manually, to comment and like the publications of the other members of the group, so as to encourage the algorithm to increase the reach of these posts."

+300% Outreach thanks to pods
10x Less time thanks to automated pods
x2 Audience quality with Podawaa
+150% Incoming Leads via your publications

Ready for takeoff?

Benefits of an automated pod?

Why using an automated pod rather than a manual pod, or no pod at all?

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With Podawaa, you are looking for engagement groups specific to your industry. No need to know someone who knows someone in a manual pod.

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The LinkedIn algorithm tends to spot when it's always the same people who engage on your posts. Fool him by changing regularly thanks to the variety of audiences available.

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Save a considerable amount of time. All is automated, your posts are scheduled, your comments are prepared.

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"Manual pod" feature

Don't want to see bad comments posted by your account? Podawaa will integrate a manual pod feature, with the possibility of preparing comments on future posts.

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