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Get thousands of

on LinkedIn.

Generate qualified engagement on your publications. Make LinkedIn algorithms believe that your content is outstanding. Multiply by 10 the usual outreach of your posts.

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Thousands of qualified views on your publications.

Define your target audience. Get a real engagement. Receive complete and qualified comments.

A personalized audience.

Views are not all. The quality of your audience is essential. With Podawaa, personalize your audience thanks to more than 15 differentiation criteria.

Relevant comments.

Thanks to an algorithm integrating machine learning, Podawaa selects you comprehensive and relevant comments, among the most used by the community.

A huge time saver.

Schedule your posts. Set up your engagement. Add your own comments. Watch your views rise.

An incredible promise!

I had access to the product roadmap. The promise of Podawaa is just incredible. If the team stays on target (which they did with ProspectIn), then it will be possible to get thousands of views on LinkedIn. With real comments. And a targeted audience.
Podawaa will then be the best engagement tool on the market. All that with a substantial head start.

BenoƮt Dubos - Co-founder of Growth Hacking agency
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Broadcasting your content becomes a commodity.

Podawaa is a smart and automated pod. It connects you with thousands of other users to increase the reach of your posts on LinkedIn.

From writing your publication to obtaining thousands of qualified views.

A simple process. A bit of automation. A lot of intelligence.

Create your rocket.

Write your post directly from the extension. Schedule its publication on LinkedIn.

Optimize its aerodynamism.

Podawaa offers best practices to optimize your organic outreach. You can add an outgoing link automatically as a comment.

Choose your planet.

From over 2,000 groups, choose who will comment and like your post. Qualify the prospects who will see your publications.

Select your space-teammate.

Select your usual engagement group, whether automated or manual, and invite them for take-off.

Add some fuel.

Create conversations about your post. Schedule your responses. Here are dozens of relevant comments to reach the stars.

Immediate takeoff.

Your post is automatically published. The corresponding engagement starts instantly, replicating human behavior. You're soon going to have stars in your eyes.

Any question?

Do you have questions? So do we... But we also have a couple of answers!

Podawaa allows you to receive comments and likes from other people on your LinkedIn posts, in order to increase the reach of your posts. See how LinkedIn's algorithm works

Podawaa does have a "freemium" model that allows you to request up to 100 likes per month on your posts, with no charge. See pricing

The free trial gives you access to all paid features as well as the ability to request up to 500 likes.

Isn't being visible to thousands of people an amazing opportunity? Multiplying the reach of your publications by 10 allows you to gain credibility, share your expertise with a wider audience and get an immediate return on investment with regard to your personal branding strategy.

We're constantly testing new things, based on our users' post performance, to get as close as possible to human behavior and increase the reach of LinkedIn posts.

You can contact us via the chat at the bottom right of this page or join our Slack Community

Podawaa is designed to replicate human behavior and offers quality engagement. There is, therefore, no risk of having your LinkedIn account banned.

LinkedIn is an exceptional BtoB lead acquisition channel. Using a tool like Podawaa increases your visibility considerably, allowing you to support your digital strategy and the broadcasting of your content.

You're going to be amazed

Results from Podawaa's Beta phase are quite impressive. Start your free trial now and scale your content strategy.

It's time to make yourself known!

It's free. It's easy to use. It's incredibly powerful. And, if you don't like it, you're free to leave in a click. What are you waiting for?

Let's go!