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There are many reasons why Podawaa is the best. One being that our Pods don't get detected by LinkedIn's algorithm, unlike Alcapod's used to. Yes "used to", because Alcapod no longer exits. RIP.

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Features Alcapod
Engagement group - Pods
Automated likes and comments
Smart comment suggestions Coming soon! -
Personalized audience Coming soon! -
Order of posting comments Random Always the same
Monitoring and statistics -
Manual Pods -
Trust ratings & comprehensive user profile -
Automated scheduling of your posts & your engagement with others' posts -
Continues to comment with your LinkedIn account even after you've unsintalled the extension -

Faced with the low quality offers on the market, we had to build a better LinkedIn pod solution. One that offers a content broadcasting experience like never before.

Why did we develop Podawaa?

In order to develop our first tool (Waalaxy) and provide guidelines for LinkedIn to our community (how to send good invitation notes on LinkedIn), we decided a few months ago to start a content strategy on LinkedIn.

Via a daily publication on LinkedIn, we started sharing content around BtoB lead generation, entrepreneurship and many other subjects. Interested in growth hacking methods and having few means (a team of 6 people), we quickly opted for the use of pods, in order to boost the reach of our posts.

After testing a few very time-consuming manual pods, we naturally turned to the two main automation solutions on the market: Alcapod and Lempod.

We were very disappointed:

  • The suggesteds comments were standardized and of low quality. Creating relevant comments manually therefore became a necessity. Yet a time-consuming one.
  • The user experience was awful.
  • After a few weeks, the reach of our LinkedIn posts dropped dramatically, barely reaching 10,000 views while the engagement rate was the same.

Surprised to find such poor competition, we decided to go to the next level by launching Podawaa: the automated pod which propels your content into another dimension!

The Waalaxy team can't wait to have you on board for this new adventure!

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